A soft heatable scarf
with a natural grain insert.
A warm embrace.


What's A Hotscarf

The Hotscarf is a stylish high quality scarf, soft to the skin and filled with a “hot core” of 100% natural spelt (or dinkel wheat). The grains of this ancient crop contain moisture, which allow the Hotscarf core to be heated in a microwave, in the oven or on the radiator.


The fine spelt grains are evenly distributed in the compartments of the 100% natural linen liner. The ergonomic design perfectly molds around the body, making it easy to apply the heat wherever you wish. The subtle pressure of the grains creates a calming sensation. The “hot core” is safely tucked away in the soft and cozy scarf and releases its warmth for up to one hour.


  • “I received the heated scarf as a present, and was instantly drawn to the fabric, soft in both texture and color.  I suffer with neck pains and the scarf provides great relief. The weight of the scarf around my neck draws me to the sofa and encourages me to sit and relax”
    Carrie,  Accountant.
  • "The heated scarf was a present for my mum.  She is going through a difficult time. When I draped the soft, violet colored scarf around her shoulders, she closed her eyes and said: " This feels so wonderful, the heat radiates through my whole body all the way down to the tip of my toes". She now uses the Hotscarf several times per day for pain relief and comfort."
    Kirsten, Physiotherapist.
  • "I received a Hotscarf as a birthday present last year.  I have to say it’s really great; the quality of the material and workmanship is very high. When I’m not sitting at a desk I travel frequently, which in turn generates shoulder, neck and back aches.  Really easy to use, just 2 minutes in the microwave generates the perfect temperature in order to relax my aches and pains and release muscle tension! The greatest benefit is that you can use it whilst watching television or reading a book"

    Matt, Sales Director Business Unit.

  • “The heated scarf was a present from my mother, I am very pleased with. On a cold day I quickly heat it up in the microwave in the morning. I then drive to work with a nice warm neck, which is a good start of my day”
    Anneke,  Head of Sales, Fashion and Design Store.
  • “ I have arthritis and I use the heated scarf often for my neck and shoulders. On a cold day I put it under my coat and off I go. My husband has back problems and uses it too. The design is very good as the grain stays in place. I am happy to have a lot more pain free days now.”
    Jill,  Expat Spouse.
  • “I often have back problems and warmth is always the thing that helps. Since I have the hotscarf it is so much easier, as you have no plaster sticking to your skin, or cream that goes everywhere. You just put the scarf in the microwave and enjoy the effect. One of the other good things is the weight of the scarf. It makes it sit smug to your body and therefore transmits the heat directly. You can feel your muscles relaxing immediately under the warmth and weight. It's just like sliding into a hot bath and all your muscles go "aaaahhhh!" I absolutely love my scarf!”
      Carola – Visual Artist
  • The heavy lifting during my job regularly caused tension in my back and neck. The heated scarf around my neck or applied along my spine worked soothing a relaxing. Now I do more computing jobs it still helps me relax my neck. I find it good that the nice and soft Hotscarf relieves pain in natural way, without medicines.
    Sylvia, Healthcare Worker
  • “I wouldn’t want to miss my heated scarf anymore. I use it for many different applications such as neck and shoulder pain, period pains, tummy ache and on cold days just to warm up.  I love the soft and natural materials, and the warm grain perfectly molds to the body.  It’s a natural healing plaster for body and soul,  for my children too.”
    Ruth, Mother and Textiles Teacher


Hotscarf Applications Illustrations

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