A soft heatable scarf
with a natural grain insert.
A warm embrace.


Hotscarf applications

There are many different ways of using the Hotscarf. Cuddle up on the sofa on a cold and wet day.  Drape it around your neck and shoulders or use it to warm your feet.  When you feel tired, unwell, or after a busy day at work, its a comfortable way to take a rest and recharge your battery.

The Hotscarf will effectively relieve your neck and shoulder pain. When suffering from a backache, you can apply it to your back. Wrapping and tying the long Hotscarf around your middle will allow you to move freely and continue with your tasks.

Swaddle it on your stomach to sooth tummy ache and bowel pains.

The Hotscarf will make you feel much more comfortable when you catch a cold.

Teenagers and women with menstrual pain have embraced the Hotscarf.

Take it into bed with you on a cold night for a warm cuddle.

Going out for a walk or bike ride on a cold day can be so much more comfortable with your Hotscarf on.

Wear the Hotscarf while working at the computer to release tension in your neck and shoulders and while traveling to take away the chill of excess airconditioning.

Children benefit from the Hotscarf as a safe and natural way of pain relief and relaxation.

Hyperactive children tend to calm down with the warm embrace of the Hotscarf around their shoulders.

And, ultimately, the Hotscarf is a wonderful accompaniment for meditation, yoga and finding balance in your life.

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Applications of a Hotscarf