A soft heatable scarf
with a natural grain insert.
A warm embrace.

How it feels

A warm embrace

The Hotscarf is more than just a beautiful present for yourself, your friends or family.  It is an experience that activates all your senses. It not only offers a natural, safe and pleasant form of heat therapy but much, much more….

Imagine sitting on a hot stone on a cool evening after a warm summer day.  The radiant heat feels so comfortable, encouraging you to relax and stay where you are. Wrap the Hotscarf around you, feel that same radiant heat, and smell its fresh warm grain. The Hotscarf embrace whisks you away to a warm summer day.  

The softness of the material, the rustling grains, and the experience of the light pressure of warm grains nestling against the body is relaxing and comforting. It feels natural and pure. It’s like a warm embrace.

Hotscarf illustration

What it does


illustration how a hotscarfs feels