A soft heatable scarf
with a natural grain insert.
A warm embrace.

How It's Made

The Story of myhotscarf.com

The label myhotscarf.com was founded in Switzerland in 2014 by Lucia van der Meer. Born in the Netherlands, Lucia moved to Switzerland and adopted the Swiss tradition of heating cherry stone bags in the oven for comfort and pain release. With adjustments to its design, function and style, Lucia created a product that not only comforts aches and pains but also offers precious moments of relaxation throughout a busy day.

Like a warm embrace, the Hotscarf melts your stress away. Its natural materials stimulate your senses with the softness of its fabric, gorgeous colors, and the summer smell and rustle of wheat. The Hotscarf is made of 100% recyclable material, of which 80% is naturally degradable, keeping the environment in mind. Being wrapped in a Hotscarf looks and feels so good!

Lucia started with the first trials of the Hotscarf in 2013. As more and more orders were taken, her small kitchen/living room changed into a little workshop. A friend helped to sew and her three children filled the narrow channels of the sack with grain which was a fun, but labour intensive job.

As volume grew, Lucia wished the product to be Swiss made using local labor and giving people with fewer chances in the community a meaningful & high quality product to make. She liaised with ESKIMO Textil A.G. in Switzerland who delivered the first bolts of beautiful and high quality soft scarf material, woven to Lucia’s specifications in Tuscany, Italy.

A small production line was then set up in Zuwebe in Baar, Switzerland where people with disabilities fill the grain bags, sew the scarf material together, assemble the gift boxes, pack the product and store it in their warehouse. “It’s very rewarding to see that the Swiss have embraced the product and that the people from Zuwebe continue to enjoy working with the colorful, soft, natural materials and take so much pride in producing the Hotscarf.”, says Lucia.

Where it’s made

At Home