A soft heatable scarf
with a natural grain insert.
A warm embrace.

What it does

Hot Pack

The Hotscarf is a safe and effective hot pack. It can be applied to any body part, relaxes the muscles and expands blood vessels that push blood and waste through the nervous system. This process called heat therapy has many benefits such as:

Pain relief


Muscle tension relief

Stress reduction

Feelings of warmth and comfort

Complete your Hotscarf experience with aromatherapy.  Simply put some drops of esoteric essential oil on a tissue and lay it on the grain bag in the scarf. The natural warmth activates the oil and releases your favorite scent.

The Hotscarf can also be used for cold therapy.  Wrap the scarf in a hermetically sealed plastic bag and freeze for at least 2 hours to turn it into a cold pack.

Applications of a Hotscarf


what a hot scarf does illustration